About EveryTVRemote.com

WarehouseWelcome to EveryTVRemote.com! And thank you for wanting to find out more about our organization. This website is a fairly new website, however our operations have been in business since 1987. We are an authorized seller of original and universal remote controls for consumer electronics such as televisions, dvd players, vcr's and other major types of consumer electronics. We offer replacement remote controls from many of the large major manufacturers of consumer electronic equipment including Sony, Philips/Magnavox, RCA, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Kenwood, Pioneer and others. We offer over 7,000 replacement remotes, and our inventory continues to grow as we find additional replacement remotes through existing and new channels to help better serve you. We've built this site to help better serve our customers, and we've tried our best to make sure your shopping experience on this site is the best possible. When you buy a remote from our website, if you aren't completely happy, feel free to return the remote control for free, no questions asked, 30 days after the purchase date.

Our website is hosted on a dedicated server, which helps us keep your information completely secure, which is our highest priority. Our next priority on our website is to make sure your experience when buying a remote control, is as easy as possible. If you have any concerns while using our site, or you would like more information on our privacy policy, please use the links provided.