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Benefits of Original Remote Controls

Has anyone ever been in the situation where you are about to purchase a discounted open box item at a major electronic retailer, and wondered why doesn’t everyone buy open box items. Okay sometimes there is a good reason not to buy an open box item, such as someone may have dented the electronic or other possible scenarios, but sometimes the open box item is in perfect condition. Should you go ahead and buy the open box item that may be missing the instructions, and usually in fact is missing its original remote control. Your probably thinking that you should take the lose and assume that buying a universal remote control for ten of twenty dollars will balance out to a win-win situation.

Buying a Universal Remote

Most people are aware of universal remote controllers which are built to be used across several devices and often times can functional multiple devices at once. However most don't realize the issues that owning one of these devices cause, which can include the follow:

  • Some can cost as much, or even more than buying the original remote
  • Most aren't easy to program, and will take the average user atleast half an hour to program
  • Why happens if your batteries die? On most universal remotes, you will have to go through the pain of reprogramming the device again. Hopefully you saved the code and the instructions so you can program it again.
  • Not all functionality is supported by a universal remote, such as PIP, and other advanced controls for your consumer electronic device
  • New TV's are coming with Internet built in, good luck finding a universal remote that can control these types of tv sets.

There are some benefits however, and if you read the above points, and still think it's a good idea for your situation, than I think you should go ahead and purchase one. Most times they are alot cheaper than their original counterpart.

But if you aren't very technically gifted and or you don't want to spend the time programming this device every couple of months, I'd highly recommend purchasing a remote that's been built and pre-programmed for your specific electronic device. Don't go through the challenges and frustrations that can be involved in working with a universal product.

The best solution if you’re presented with this scenario is to go ahead and buy the out of box item, if you are getting a significant reduction in the price and go ahead and buy a replacement remote control. Usually the original remote are a little more expensive than the universal remote, but the time and headaches it could save you is well worth the savings in the long run. There are some exceptions to this rule, which include those rare situations where you can't find a company selling the original, browse our inventory of thousands of products to see if that situation applies to you. If it does, then your best bet is to either wait until it does become available, or buy the universal product from a trusted manufacturer.