Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the remote model number on your website?

Having troubles finding the exact model number on Every TV Remote? Use the search feature found on the top of every single page on our site, and just type in one of the following bits of information:

  • Remote Control Model Number – This is the model number of the specific remote control you want replaced, this code is usually found somewhere on the remote control. Call our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546 if you’re having troubles locating the remote control model number on your remote control.
  • Component or Electronic Device Model Number – This is the model number of the Television, VCR, DVD player, Home Audio Component or other device that the remote controls usually control. You can usually find the model number for this device on the rear of the device, and once you have this number you can use it to determine the model number of the remote that controls that device.
  • The Brand of either the Remote Control Manufacturer or the Electronic Device Manufacturer.

If the search feature isn't helping with the search of your replacement model number, you should try calling a qualified sales staff at our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546 for further information on finding what you are looking for.

The model number I found on your website is close but not exactly the same, what does that mean?

It depends! In some situations having the exact remote model number is required, while other times the exact model number is not required. To be safe with making this selection, you should call our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546 and talk with a representative who has the knowledge about the differences in remotes to help you consider if getting the exact remote model number is necessary. If you go ahead and order the remote and it’s not going to work, you can return the remote for a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of the date you ordered the remote control.

What are the shipping options?

We currently use USPS (United States Postal Service) as our exclusive shipping option. Because of this there are a few constraints that are affected by this.

  1. We do not ship outside the United States, Canada, and other United States Territories. If your country is not listed on our country dropdown box on the Order Checkout, then we do not ship to any other locations. No Exceptions!
  2. We do not send a tracking code out with your order. If you want to get a status of your order you must call our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546. If you decide to ask us through e-mail, we will just refer you to call the number, because the e-mail department doesn't have access to that information. Usually we will make our best attempt to ship it out the same business day or the following business day, and once your order is shipped, it will usually take on average about a week to arrive.

How long does it take to receive my shipment?

Typically a week from the date it leaves our facility. We make our best attempts to ship your remote out the same business day or the following business day, however we cannot guarantee this. If you call our tollfree number at 1-800-827-2546 they will let you know if your order is shipped and shipping information about when your remote might arrive.

Can I track my order online?

Currently we don't allow you to track your package online, you can call us at 1-855-465-2220 and get a status of your order and the shipping information.

I’ve placed an order, but I just realized some billing/shipping information was incorrect, what should I do?

Before we send our packages we will usually ensure that your information is correct, however as a precaution please email us at or call our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546 and let one of our representatives know about the incorrect shipping or billing information to expedite the processing of your order.

I just ordered the remote and I need to cancel my order, what should I do?

You should e-mail us at and reference your order number. We will make our best attempts to cancel your order before it ships, but we cannot guarantee that we will catch it in time. If you receive a remote control you didn't want, you can return the remote by calling us at 1-800-827-2546 for return information and get a full refund.

What technical considerations should I keep in mind before using your website?

The site has been developed to work with Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 1.0 or Later. A screen size of at least 800 by 600 is recommended. We also require cookies/javascript to be enabled to store your shopping cart information. If you are having a problem using the site due to technical issues, the easy solution to the problem is to call our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546 and talk to a representative and place your order over the phone.

How Should I use the Search Feature on your website? includes a search box on the top of every page of our website. This search is provided by us to help you find the correct product to purchase. However if you find that you have purchased the wrong remote, take a look at our remote control return policy for more information. You will find the search box on just about every page of our website. You can type in your remote model number, brand, electronic device model number, or anything else, and our search algorithm’s will return the pages where you can find what you are looking for. If you still can’t locate what you need, you can always try calling our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546 to have a qualified remote control specialist help you find what you need.

Do you store any personal information on your website after the order has been processed?

Yes, when you checkout your shipping and credit card information will be stored. We use 128-bit SSL encryption to provide secure transmission of your personal information. All your financial information is stored in encrypted state to ensure that no one can misuse your information.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we ship to other US Territoes and Canada. If you live outside those geographic areas, we cannot send you the remote control. Our best recommendation is to find someone within the US that has a US Billing and Shipping address that can order on your behalf, and then you can arrange shipping to your country through the person who ordered the remote for you. We are not at all responsible for any arrangements between you and the friend you are dealing with. If the order arrives at the friend in the US and then is lost, that is done at your own risk.

We ship to these Countries: United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands (British), Virgin Islands (US)

Can I use a Universal Remote Control Instead of the Original Replacement Remote Control?

We do not recommend the use of Universal Remote controls over the original remote control that came with your television, DVD player, or other electronic device. Although they will work, there is a lot of work required to program the universal remote control to work with your device. You must page through page after page of manuals in order to find the right code, and once you’ve found the code you must go through a few pages of instructions to figure out how to program the universal remote control. Another negative is that this isn’t even a onetime step, when you have to replace the batteries in the universal remote in the future, you will have to go through this process again, and you better hope you haven’t lost the manual with the remote control codes in it, or you may just have to go out and buy another universal remote. Where as a replacement remote comes ready to work with the original device and you will not need to learn how to program the remote control with anything.

How secure is my personal information on your website?

We’ve taken as many measures as possible to secure your personal information. Although we are constantly coming up with better procedures to protect your information further. We have monthly meetings to discuss and review our current security measures to find new ways to prevent any stolen data. Check out our privacy policy for further information on how we protect your privacy.

I need remote control codes for my universal remote control, what should I do?

We currently do not offer remote control codes on our website for universal remote controls, or replacement remote controls, however if there is enough need for such a service we might consider adding a directory of codes in the future. If you are interested, email us (do not call) at and let us know that you’re interested. The more requests we receive the higher the likelihood we may add this in the future.

How can I figure out my remote model number without actually having the remote because it’s been destroyed, lost, or stolen?

You can figure out the remote control model number easily by figuring out the model number from the device the remote control usually controls. So if you own a Sony KP53X15 Television, you can use the search feature or go to the Sony category on our site, and find the remote model numbers that control this specific television. If you’re confused still, please call our toll free number at 1-800-827-2546 and talk to a live representative that can help you figure out the correct remote control to order.